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I'm finding a few bugs as I try to use this library-- @wilkerlucio would you prefer issues for the bugs or PRs? 🙂


hello, awesome! if you think its an obvious bug, feel free to send PR, otherwise you can open a issue for discussion


please note I consider reader3 is more a beta thing, given that it wasn't battle tested in any case as far as I know (while reader2 is heavily used on production)


Should reader2 work? I get errors (you have to run it again to see what they are) when using reader2.


sorry, in this case no, datomic plugin requires reader3, I wrote that but never used myself, so consider experimental as this stage (on top of the reader3 stage as well). those things needs more maturity and testing, I wrote those as to try ideas but never got to try then for real, so I warn to use those with that in mind, and just curious, are you currently just playing with it or using for some project?

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or both, I guess.

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really cool library, btw.

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