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Are there any notes on doing backup + restore of a single node that uses rocksdb? Would copying the db-dir and event-log dir be sufficient for a cheap (easy) solution?


Hey @U051V5LLP copying the directories should be fine when the node is powered down. If the node needs to stay running then you can use crux.backup/backup and friends


Cool, thank you - i'll take a look into that Is there a recommended setup for single node deploy (using sql or single-node kafka for example)?


Or is rocksdb fine?


Mostly concerned with data loss, This is my config at the moment:

(defn rocks-config [data-dir]
  {:crux.node/topology                 '[crux.standalone/topology
   :crux.kv/db-dir                     (str (io/file data-dir "db"))
   :crux.standalone/event-log-dir      (str (io/file data-dir "eventlog"))
   :crux.standalone/event-log-kv-store 'crux.kv.rocksdb/kv
   :crux.standalone/event-log-sync?    true
   :crux.kv/sync?                      true})


If you're thinking of running postgres or a small kafka setup on the same machine as your single node then I think that's overkill and you probably are better off just using rocks, but I would personally use a managed jdbc backend (via crux-jdbc) or managed kafka of some kind (esp. Confluent Cloud).


If your concern is data loss then a managed backend will always win, unless you have an ops team, imo


that sounds good to me, i'll stick with rocks for now and look into the hosted options down the road

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