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Potentially addressed on develop, if anyone can reproduce this, please let me know! I can't!


If anyone has any feedback for "eval and replace" as well as the result buffer, do let me know. I'll be releasing that soon, seems to work well!


Starting work on :ConjureSchool again. I've added some extra things to guard against lack of Fennel support too! It'll reuse Clojure's syntax support if you don't have fennel.vim installed.


Thoughts: Should I check what your local leader is and print that (if any) if your prefix is still the default local leader? What should I show? Just all the different mappings you can use exhaustively? Like every kind of eval?


should school be tutor? like vimtutor?


Mmm not sure, I like school since it goes with the whole wizardry thing more I feel. It's extremely different to tutor in how it works. It has steps that I'm calling lessons so I feel like the name is fine tbh


I like school too


as in Hogwarts school of....