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Andon Sikavica05:05:18

I started having the following error recently:

Command 'Calva Format: Format and Align Current Form (recursively, experimental)' resulted in an error (Running the contributed command: 'calva-fmt.alignCurrentForm' failed.)

Andon Sikavica05:05:15

Any suggestions how I can fix this, or get more info to look into?

Andon Sikavica05:05:57

It doesn't happen with v2.0.96


Thanks for reporting, @sikavica! If you can make a sharable repro of that, it would probably make it easy to fix. Doesn't have to be minimized, but of course you need to be able to share the code. 😃

Andon Sikavica06:05:29

It happens to me on any (simple) project I open.

Andon Sikavica06:05:41

If I knew a bit more, I would debug here:

Andon Sikavica06:05:17

and check out what's happening here. to me that looks like the place where the error happens


If it is easily reproducable, I'd love me an issue. Please add that diff link there as well. Things drown quickly here on slack.

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