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@pez btw, have you experimented with vscode extension packs at all?


Just a little bit. Calva used to be an extension pack, but I never really used any API between them.


thanks for the info. if you don't mind sharing, what were the reasons for calva to stop being an extension pack? is there somewhere i can read about that?


The reason it was an extension pack was that I wanted non-Calva-REPL users to be able to use parts of Calva, like formatter, highlighting, structural editing. But it was hard to maintain when in pieces, so I decided to let Calva be an all-or-nothing offer instead.


ah thanks. the "hard to maintain when in pieces" aspect is most unfortunate. it seems to be quite a tricky situation. the larger a project becomes, the harder it seems to be to wrap one's head around things (especially for potential new contributers, but sometimes coming back to pieces that haven't been visited in a while). on the other hand, it also seems difficult to ensure things work together well when they are split apart. i haven't really encountered a good testing story for extensions (whether it's in vscode or plugins in atom) which i guess doesn't help either. may be there are good ways that i just don't know about :) i wonder how some of these larger extension packs are being managed (e.g. the java extension pack).