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I redownloaded cursive and intellij and started relearning. I put in my community license but it expired at the end of 2019. Cursive suggests i can renew this, so i follow that workflow on the site. However, the renewal process tells me that this is a non-commercial license not a personal one but there doesn't seem to be an option to select this. The only two renewal options are personal or commercial. Are non-commercial licenses not eligible to renewed despite the UI inviting me to or have i missed an option in the renewal UI?


No, non-commercial licences don’t get renewed, you just get a new one when they expire.


Since they’re free anyway, this seemed like the easiest option. Was there something in the UI suggesting that it should be renewed?


i just looked at the event log and i must have misread it as saying "renew". I swear i read the verbiage 8 times. yeah you're correct it just says get a new one


the event log says get a new one. I am almost positive that the popup in the bottom right told me to renew. but maybe not


No, what appears in the event log is the same text as the notification.


ah sorry about that then 🙂