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Trying out coc , I installed the coc-clojure extension . Everytime I open vim I get a prompt to install clojure-lsp and cant tell if anything happens when I select yes . Can't jump to definitions yet - says language server doesn't support it . Anyone come across something similar ? Been using vim-lsp so far , thought id give coc a go . Im on vim 9.0

Epidiah Ravachol18:02:57

This happened to me a month or two back and I vaguely remember solving it by installing clojure-lsp outside of vim.

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Noah Bogart18:02:55

Oh that’s annoying, sorry about that

Martynas M18:02:09

I installed this plugin but then I was put off by it not working out of the box. And then I was also put off by the docs bragging about the speed but not solving the basic setup issues. So now I use FZF with a more basic approach. 🤷 Maybe it's just me, I don't know.


Installed the clojure-lsp server manually but haven't gotten it to work perfectly yet . Still Can't jump to definitions unless I go to definition first using fireplace , then it seems to work 😅 ( defo related to some funkyness on my computer here - or maybe I am not using the lsp at all!) But apart from that so far initial impressions are great , its pretty killer. I use fzf aswell with this . Also an upgrade from my vim-lsp setup , much much much faster


Got it to work but for some reason its using my fireplace bindings 😂 . Thanks for the help


@U028ART884X found this to be a much more straightforward setup if you are using neovim;;ab_channel=TJDeVries


I thought I got it working originally but I haven;t yet . I have the coc-clojure extension installed (was able to see the extension active aswell with :CocList extensions) and clojure-lsp installed aswell but no luck . Hence tried the setup in the above video


got it to work in the end , had to copy over the contents of coc-setting.json as linked in the clojure-lsp site . not sure If i need the extension anymore