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Timofey Sitnikov23:07:00

I finally setup NeoVIM LSP/nvim-compe/clojure_lsp and it is amazing but I am getting lots of warnings. The Home definition is a Fulcro macro. Is there a way to acknowledge these errors? I know in C++ you can simply (void)unused_variable. Is there anything like that in Clojure? Any recommendations on how to handle it?


You can rename the var to _props to acknowledge that it isn't used. That should satisfy clojure-lsp.


In the Clojure source code, put a _ in front of the var it is complaining about. The warning should go away.

Timofey Sitnikov10:08:01

@U0AHJUHJN, sorry for the late response but it works.


Setting up some settings in a .clj-kondo config file. I think that is what you are asking about.