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Greg Reichow15:07:36

Trying to upgrade a solo system to 884-9095. It is failing upgrading the compute group at this step: EntryRecordSet CREATE_FAILED [RRSet of type A with DNS name is not permitted because a conflicting RRSet of type CNAME with the same DNS name already exists in zone] I am wondering if this is connected the new endpoint changes? My system name is "Datomic" (yes, not great), does this need to be a unique name given that it appears it is trying to create a DNS record based on this name in the AWS region?


I just created a system called dev-dcs, so I have a private hosted zone, called , which has 2 A records: 1. 2. In a previous version of Datomic cloud, only the 1st record was defined, BUT as a CNAME After a cursory look, neither in previous Datomic Storage or Solo compute CloudFormation stacks are any AWS::Route53::RecordSet definitions. There is however a DeleteRecordSets lambda in, which seems to clean up CNAME records. So my bet is that u should just delete your current compute group and create one with the new version. You will have a few minutes down-time. Not sure how long it takes to delete a compute stack, but it took literally ~5minutes to create the new version. (I haven't read the migration guide yet, but I bet this would work)


It takes 9 minutes to delete the 884-9095 compute stack. 5 minutes of that is spent with waiting for the autoscaling group to get deleted... would be nice to shorten that time somehow... :/

Greg Reichow14:07:21

Thanks for the very detailed response; this solved the issue. Greatly appreciated!

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