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I just realized something that's missing from my workflow that's non-trivial to do: A way to load a list of hunks into the quickfix buffer for quick navigation when doing partial applications. Magit is too heavy for what I want. I can't see an easy way to get this information from gitgutter (for all files, not just open buffers - but maybe I could load fugitive status into it?) or fugitive itself.


@dominicm maybe you can hook into command-line git somehow? i've never staged hunks via the git CLI directly, so i'm not sure how easy it is


i feel your pain, btw. staging hunks is the only reason i keep magit around these days. i switched to gina recently and prefer it


but magit takes so long sometimes, if i've made a lot of uncommitted changes


Gitgutter can stage hunks, so i just need a way to list them all in vim


You can probably list all signs of a type.


But I want it for all files, even those unopened.