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sorry if this question is a repeat: when using deps.edn, if I add a new dep, how to I get the project to sync and include the new dep in the classpath / deps tree etc?


I found I can delete/open the project to get it to sync so I have that as a workaround. is deps.edn update built yet?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:08:48

if the deps.edn modification is updated then the cache is invalidated

Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:08:07

so if you change it, you should not have to do any other explicit steps

Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:08:29

oh, sorry I didn’t realize I was in #cursive :) was answering for tools.deps in general


No problem 😀


@steveb8n So it should happen automatically if you have auto-import selected, but there’s a bug which is fixed for the next EAP which prevents that from happening. Till then, open the Deps toolwindow and hit the refresh button, or you can right-click on a particular project if you have a big multi-module project and just refresh that.


thanks. I tried that and it works great. I have auto-import on so I must be hitting that bug. all good now


Are there any plans to ever enable force-balancing for parinfer?


related to and!topic/cursive/ZJ4fcp3A988 It's enabled by default in atom and feels really nice to use. Maybe it's because I'm in the habit of not having to worry about parens from that editor, but I still end up in malformed expressions in cursive which means for some edits it's not safe to rely on parinfer and instead I have to remember to use structural editing shortcuts (usually for raising and wrapping).