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Oliver George00:08:14

Came to mind while thinking about how tap> might be used. Perhaps it could be a mechanism to build richer debugging features (common lisp like?). If defn and let used tap> to announce var bindings and stack push/pop events you'd be able to track that stuff... which led to wondering how to patch defn/let... (No doubt I'm missing a lot of prior art in this. )

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:08:36

Because Clojure itself is aot direct linked there are limits to what you can patch in core


I remember reading a project which took the core ideas of clojure, and build a new set of standard libraries around it. I can't remember the name of the project though, since it seemed to have died off in popularity


Should assertions be enabled by default when running app as a jar? We use leiningen to build an uberjar and then java -jar ... to run it and I've just found out that *assert* is true. I couldn't find what default value should this dynamic variable hold but I though it would be false. This lead to a nasty issue in combination with future where a "precondition assertion" error was silently ignored and we didn't know what happened (because we caught only Exception not Throwable)


@benzap I'm aware of two such projects. Dunaj ( and Jaunt ( Of those, Jaunt is declared dead on its github and Dunaj has seen little activity since roughly Clojure 1.7.0 was released.

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Yeah, I think it was the Dunaj one that I was looking at before


The other I would add to that would be Pixie, which isn't exactly a Clojure, but it does certain things in a way that are arguably cleaner or better.


although it also has no activity


Yeah, the guy who was working on pixie hung out in the IRC, the dynamic nature of clojure was hard to replicate


It was promising


Taking this to #off-topic


@tbaldridge would be the pixie guy :)


there's also #other-languages /#other-lisps FWIW


ooh, #other-lisps might be better


Hi there, I’m using ring as a dependency [ring "1.6.3"] to my project and i’m getting: Could not locate ring/core/protocols__init.class or ring/core/protocols.clj on classpath.
Whenever I try to run it locally ( on my mac ). Any idea why that is? I’m using boot if that matters.


what do you mean by added it to your project? boot projects can be very free form


Also, how are you running it locally? @esanmiguelc


I figured it out, sorta? I am also using pandeiro/boot-http which depends on an older version of ring, 1.4.0. Once I changed the jar contents to depend on a newer version everything worked correctly. Basically running on a forked version of that project now.