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I'm trying to decide about language plugins for neovim, and if they are a good idea. Traditionally I think non-viml plugins have struggled to gain traction. A lot of plugins in fact tout it as a feature (e.g. Airline)


Managing dependencies for some of these languages is near impossible in a traditional way, and involves maintaining source copies yourself.


Have you done anything with lua? I haven't personally. The majority of the vim plugins I wrote used Python which worked well enough to achieve the goals I was pursuing at the time. It has been years at this point since I have written anything more than the odd function for vim. Does the promise of first class lua treatment influence the potential lack of traction for non viml based plugins?


I have. I found an esoteric lisp which compiles to lua which I've been experimenting with, but did find difficulties.


I will open source my efforts this weekend if I remember