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Anthony Ciacci01:10:26

I think there should be a way to do this in Atom, but I figured I’d ask for some thoughts first before I start experimenting. When I start a proto-repl, I’d like to be able to rename the tab name from “Proto-Repl” to something a little more descriptive. Anyone do something similar or have any thoughts on this? A separate less urgent issue I’m planning on tackling is the ability to have multiple proto-repl’s open in a single atom window. I think I remember perusing the proto-repl repo’s issues and seeing that this wasn’t possible, but my hunch is to think it could be possible. Thoughts on this welcome as well 🙏


I'd certainly like to see that feature (multiple open REPLs). I wouldn't use it all that often but it's probably the thing I miss most from CIDER.

Anthony Ciacci01:10:26

Yeah, so some context is that I work with another developer and he is an emacs user, and thinks my dev workflow could use some significant improvement. He is leaning towards me learning Emacs, but I just started out at this job, so learning the codebase, plus learning Clojure/ClojureScript (I’m a newbie to both), plus Reagent/Reframe (also unfamiliar with), plus Emacs would make me 😱 Which is why I’m pretty dedicated to sticking with Atom and Proto-repl if I can 😉

Anthony Ciacci01:10:00

I’ll share here if I make any progress on either of those features I mentioned :thumbsup:


If it's any help, I used Emacs for Clojure for two or so years solid before switching to ProtoREPL and I'm very happy with that change.


I used to use Emacs way back (20-ish years? versions 17, 18, and 19) then went off to various IDEs etc, then when I came to Clojure I used a mix of Eclipse/CCW and TextMate for a while, tried (and gave up on) Sublime Text, tried LightTable (for quite a while -- until it was clear it was not moving forward very fast and became incompatible with the latest Mac OS X at the time), then finally switched to Emacs...


...and I went through three or four completely different Emacs installations over the next few years. Then saw Jason present ProtoREPL and that was me happy! 🙂


same – I used Emacs while learning Clojure and stayed with it for two years, switched to Atom, and I prefer this setup, despite the limitation of only one repl


And, I think it’s healthy for a development team to have a mix of tools to match preferences


I'm coming from developing JS, where most devs use Sublime Text/Atom/VSCode, so I've actually never used Emacs/CIDER for Clojure. Who knows, maybe it's better since I don't have any old habits to unlearn


Also, I think the limitation of one REPL per Atom window is an underlying limitation in Ink: the change might need to be made there first

Anthony Ciacci22:10:28

Thanks for the support and tips 💛