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I think I am lost, I am missing form parameters in POST request


my question, how do I get the data that sent with POST method? you know, with GET method we can see it on query string. in POST I cant find the body data both in req and params. sorry for my noob question.


Saw this post and thought I'd share, awhile back we had several discussions in here about d3 and react charts:


in the untangled-template, I see the :extra-routes {:routes [["/hello/" [#"\d+" :id]] :sample1] in system.clj, but trying to GET /hello/ or /sample1/hello/ returns 404.. any hint? not familiar with all the stack still 🙂


@pedroteixeira you need to add an ID to your url, that's what the [#"\d+" :id] is about, eg: /hello/42 For reference, the extra routes is just a pass through to bidi


ah.. of course, thanks. didn't read the pattern matching expr. 😕