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cp: in your parser mutation function, you can return a modified ast


@dehli: so return something like this: {:remote (assoc (:ast env) :params (deref (:state env))}


that would attach the entire app state to the remote mutation.. but you could cut that down


i'll give that a try, thanks a lot!


I'm struggling with defmacro to wrap defui in it's more of a cljs doubt, but perhaps some has already seems this here: java.lang.Object does not declare method called render. Was thinking something along:

(defmacro defcomponent [vname cfg & body]
     (om/defui ^:once ~(symbol vname)
       [email protected]))) 
anyone using such wrappers?


macro over a macro, if you are feeding (render [this]..) into the body then maybe try om/ui that's almost the same, just render.


I have a problem with getting the data from the server normalized when I’m using compassus. If I just mount the app with om/add-root! and point to my root component the server response gets normalized but when I mount it via compassus/mount! the server response isn’t. I have figured out that the problem is that the root query isn’t correct when using compassus thus is doesn’t get normalized, but how am I suppose to do it? Here is my core.cljs as a reference:


@snichme you're not showing your send function, but I suspect you're not passing the query as an argument in the send callback


Opened this which will allow you not to pass a query


Sorry, my send function is the same as the one you use in your fullstack example:


@snichme right, so try passing the query (`remote`) as the 2nd arg to cb


ok, will try that, thanks


that worked!


So with compassus, how do you do to route to a specific item with id, for example /posts/123 I want to render the post with id 123 but I cannot setup ident routes for all because they are dynamic. Are there any examples of how to do this?


Are there plans to get Om Next out of alpha? It’s a wonderful framework that I use in production everyday. Just seems strange that it’s still in alpha.