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I can see now. npm i ought to be run in a directory that has a package.json file in it. Running npm i in the untangled-ui project directoy gives reasonable results because there's a package,json file already there.


gulp watch gives Failed to load external module babel-register then Requiring external module babel-core/register, and finally fails with Error: Cannot find module 'postcss-Nested'.


I'd suggest yarn over npm, it worked find when replacing it on the untangled template (yarn generates a yarn.lock, helps avoiding different install states across time+machines)


Thanks @pedroteixeira. I just installed yarn and that went fine (I'm on Linux, Debian style). If yarn is something equivalent to npm, are there equivalent commands to npm i -g gulp and npm i?


yes, has similar CLI interface (is dev/maintained by folks at facebook) yarn is faster than npm, and tries to be more "atomic" over the state of node_modules (with npm, it's quite easy to find our node_modules in a corrupted state)


Basically I will just be installing gulp and then issuing gulp watch. Not sure what that npm i command was all about?


I tried yarn install. It tells me not high enough version of Node.js.


@cjmurphy you could try for easy node version management


My aim is to be able to run gulp watch in the untangled-ui project directory.


yarn add gulp seemed to work, with a few warnings.


But gulp watch is no better than before.