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@urbank The augmentation goes under the form key ON the entity. It is meant to be opaque data, but you do have to use the initialization mechanism (e.g. build-form) to add it. The commit essentially updates the "pristine" copy. It is an edit-in-place (as you edit the field, the entity on the client is updated). The commit call makes it so the form knows that things are "clean". It is intended that you tell the commit that you want remote update, which will send the delta (and just the delta) over the wire to your server.


There is no way to hook into the onBlur (at the moment), but you could use the form-change support for that


If you have a thing in initial app state, you can start it out with form support, but mostly you'll use it with persisted things, so you'll either be making something new (which will need form init at new) or you'll be loading (which will need for support after load). The full-stack example in the guide shows how to do all of that


@tony.kay Aha, I see. So I misunderstood. I thought the augmented entity was separate from the actual entity. Does this mean that an entity can only be augmented by one form at a time?