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Shantanu Kumar02:04:43

Looks like Pyroclast is built on top of Onyx: @anujsays

Shantanu Kumar02:04:14

Good to see Pyroclast going for strong consistency instead of eventual


I recently saw their Clojure/West demo. Really a good one. At the back they are using Datomic and Dynamo DB. Both support strong consistency. Are you referring to the same level?

Shantanu Kumar15:04:37

@anujsays I meant strong consistency as a design choice. Of course, DynamoDB’s offer in read consistency — eventual/strong is quite nice to have. Quite a few systems get built on eventual consistency introducing error-prone complexity in the application dealing with it.


@kumarshantanu saw your message in meetup, I just joined the slack

Shantanu Kumar18:04:35

@robertchristopher Hey! Per the first Saturday convention, the May meetup would be on 6th of May at 3:00pm. Once you confirm the venue (Quintype) I can create the event.