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I'm still not quite to the place of having a great example in untangled-ui for others to follow. I'm not going to be very available this weekend, but anyone wanting to look over what I've got so far would be great: - The calendar has been reworked some...still not done, but it is better as a reusable component. Some things I'd like to do: make the toggle-thing be something you pass in as a renderer through om computed (instead of needing refresh keys), add a few more calendar-specific getters (so if you want to access the calendar state abstractly you can say (get-date calendar-props)...not sure about that one yet. Composition of widget ops is still in hammock mode. - The explorations cards are worth looking at and commenting on. In particular I'm trying to make them act like normal dom React factories that mix their necessary classes with whatever props you supply - Be interested in input on naming. I'm thinking maybe an elements namespace for all of the dom-decorators like badge and button. Maybe a layouts namespace for functions that generate layout (and take react children to render in the spots layed out). Then more complex components that have app-state state like dropdown and calendar get their own namespace so that mutations and such can go in the namespace with them.