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Having some issues getting started using re-natal and figwheel. I'm unable to run it with just react-native run-ios, but I can get the app to start in the simulator by starting it from Xcode. When I try to connect to figwheel I get "Failed to compile "target/ios/not-used.js"" due to missing clojure.spec, and then figwheel just waits ("Prompt will show when Figwheel connects to your application"). Clojurescript version in project.clj is 1.9.198. When I upgrade to 1.9.473 to get all the latest clojure.spec jazz I'm unable to start the app at all, getting a red "Unexpected identifier 'GET'." in the simulator. Any ideas?


Versions: Xcode 8.2.1, lein 2.6.1, java 1.8.0_11, npm 3.10.10, node 6.9.5, re-natal 0.3.4


hi guys. I'm just reading docs for ex-navigation (and new react-navigation) but I can't understand where Modal? How you do it?


hi guys, i have a problem when using re-natal with actual ios device. It seems that the debug in chrome feature does not work. It does work for simulator and for actual android device. Has anyone ever got actual ios device working? thanks.


Maybe you're not shaking it hard enough? 😉


Keep in mind that chrome debugging is only possible for debug builds, so not for the apps you're uploading through testflight/hockeyapp/etc.


@wojciech i did shake it 🙂, the menu does come up, but when i select remote debug, the Debugger opens up in chrome, with console cleared, but you get a white screen on the phone. If i turn off remote debugging, then the view comes back. Have you been able to get remote debugging working for you on a device? thanks