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@claudiu Thanks. The documentation is supposed to make Untangled a stand-alone resource, so you should not need to understand much about Om Next that we don't explain in our docs.


@tony.kay cool. Is there any value in going through the om-tutorial you wrote or is all the material included in the untangled dev-guide ?


Also, thank you for the really awesome video series. Just finished it yesterday, really helped me a lot to get a better overview of & clojurescript development.


is there a way to include basic authentication in untangled-websocket?


@claudiu the Om next tutorial has a few things about Om Next that you don't necessarily need to know. For the most part it is in the Untangled docs. So no, you don't need to use the Om Next docs at all. Some of the stuff David wrote about the UI can be helpful as an additinal/alternative explanation. Any Om-next docs about pure UI (not parser/network) are pretty much 100% useful. Untangled takes care of a number of complexities for you (client-side parser, networking, merge behavior, etc)


@w1ng I'm sure there is (you're talking HTTP basic auth?); however, you'd have to figure it out. Nothing was designed into it for that


It might "just work", since websockets start out as a GET. Front it with apache or nginx, set up the auth, and see what happens


I'm planning on doing an Untangled In-The-Large video tutorial and possibly devcard series soon that will cover how to structure a large UI overall for performance in rendering and ease of reasoning. Probably also showing HTML5 routing. The concepts are all there, but seeing the process of putting it together I think will be really helpful for a lot of Untangled and Om Next users in general.


@tony.kay thank you, im looking forward to the new video tutorials.. and thank you for making untangled! it is really a well designed framework! 👍