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is invoking (om/add-root! ) multiple times [making multiple root objects] not cool?


i believe it replaces it


So I'm trying to tie a submit button to some socket-sending code. I want to capture the "submit" event (which captures both [Enter] key press and onClick events) ... is :onSubmit a valid #js{ :whatever } ? Is there a place where I can find all the #js{} equivalents for javascript event handling?

Frank Henard22:01:12

I've got a little thing going and my next step is to connect it to the backend (server, remote). I would like to use postgresql, with clojure/java.jdbc or honeysql. I figure it will take some work to translate's query language to sql (jdbc, or honeysql). I did some googling for people that have tried this, and haven't had much luck. Any advice from you folks? Thanks!