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‘Your project requires stubs to be generated’ i get that from time to time. What is it? important?


how might i go about running "lein less auto" automatically using cursive/intellij ?


i already have figwheel/sidebar REPL running from within intellij, it'd be nice not to have a terminal open just to compile my css 🙂


oh, oops, i can just use intellij's terminal. nevermind!


@cfleming are there known memory leak issues when using the debugger? Post a couple of debug cycles in Cursive, IntellIJ gets really really slow. And I'm forced to restart. Cursive 1.4.2-15 IntelliJ 15.0.6.


Hey, probably a dumb question, but what's the easiest way to do a lein run from cursive when I have a -main function defined in my project?


@karol.adamiec: I get that when Cursive wants to generate autocompletion and stuff for projects I don't have source access for, like the datomic client libraries. No reason not to do it AFAIK