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Hi all, newbie here - I am having trouble running through the untangled youtube videos - got IntelliJ, Cursive etc - tests pass and all is good right up until the localhost:2345/dev.html can't seem to get the compiled js because (and here we leave my confidence behind) a function util/ident? is no longer defined / exposed from om.util?


@parameme: try bumping the version of om to alpha40


the older versions of the framework didn’t have the om.util namespace, untangled now expects that you’re using a more modern version of om’s framework


Success... thanks again.


@parameme: Hm. This is the problem with videos...very time consuming to "fix". If you follow the video "to the letter" does it break? Are there files you used from some source that are broken? I haven't re-watched the video, but I'd appreciate suggestions on the most efficient fix.