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i had trouble getting start-untangled-support-viewer to work with our application, it kept failing due to our authentication setup. so i copied the src over and added a request-transform as a parameter to new-untangled-client, and it seems to work now.


maybe its worth allowing an optional set of params to pass through to new-untangled-client?


basically, stubbing network only got us halfway there, as our app still tried to authenticate the user.


@kenbier: The support viewer is very basic. It is really just an Untangled app that loads/views another Untangled app with a historical sequence of app states (it should also be disabling the networking for that embedded app). It is just beyond in it still needs a lot of work.


@tony.kay: i see. we ran into some issues that i suspect others will as well, but its working pretty well now 🙂 ill submit a PR with suggestions when i have time


sure, thanks