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you guys probably know already, but cider-jack-in requires [cider "0.13.0-SNAPSHOT"] instead of [cider "0.13.0"]. This results in an error message when connecting to the repl using cider-jack-in on cider 13. I was able to change it by editing cider-version from "0.13.0-SNAPSHOT" to "0.13.0".


@seancorfield: I also just redef cider-version and the function that depends on it:

;; hack to pin the injected version of cider-nrepl
  (defconst cider-version "0.13.0")
  (defvar cider-jack-in-lein-plugins nil
    "List of Leiningen plugins where elements are lists of artifact name and version.")
  (put 'cider-jack-in-lein-plugins 'risky-local-variable t)
  (cider-add-to-alist 'cider-jack-in-lein-plugins
                      "cider/cider-nrepl" (upcase cider-version))


err, sorry about that mention, just realized I was responding to something from 8 hours ago


seancorfield & malabarba I'm just going to port them to clojure.test (there aren't many and some are broken anyway)


Apparently @bozhidar even opened an issue on the expectations repo, and Jay seems to be in favour (though I'd check again before diving in).


@escherize: I just added

(setq package-pinned-packages
      '((cider . "melpa-stable")))
to my init.el, which ensures that I get CIDER from melpa-stable rather from melpa. Then [cider/cider-nrepl “0.13.0”] works fine. You can see the rest of my init.el and profiles.clj at


@malabarba: I'll take a look and see if I can figure out how to make Expectations more clojure.test-compliant, but looking at test.check's compatibility layer it looks like you'd have to define Expectations a different way (with a new macro to create a named var) and I don't think that's worth the effort


Expectations automatically clean up when you run them so the whole workflow is different


You eval an (expect ...) form, run tests via the key binding, rinse and repeat. As you run each test it disappears, so you only run the tests that you've eval'd each time.


Yeah, that's why I didn't fix it myself when I was working with expectations a while back. 😕


The workflow is quite different