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Hi! Is there any documentation online already?


Funny you should ask


was just pushing a live version of the tutorial to the gh a few mins


you can also clone that (the intended behavior) and run it/play with it


@tony.kay: I'm already following it at a slow pace! Do the later sections cover untangled more? I'm still missing the overall picture (sorry, I'm very new to clojure)


So, the overall picture is a gestalt. There is no "easy in" if you're new to cljs (or even if you're not). That's the biggest challenge. There are a number of up-front concepts that you have to grok before you see the beauty and simplicity of the system.


Once you get the app database, queries, and how you join it up to the UI...well, then you're home free. All sorts of garbage you normally deal with falls away. Until you get there, it feels like a bunch of CS data manipulation.


@doddenino: but realize that all you need to do to get the Untangled part going is like two lines of code.


Once you move to full stack there are no new concepts (well, you do end up needing to parse the queries a bit), and very little to write there too. You mostly end up writing app domain code.


@tony.kay: yeah, I have a lot of concepts to grok yet. I'm still at the stage of "why am I doing all these things now?" 😄


btw amazing logo


Thanks! Our UI guy built a number of alternatives and we all argued over them. It was based on the "complect" graphic that Rich uses in Simple Made Easy.


After doing quite a bit of Angular, I was actually leaning towards the name "Untangular"...but I'm much happier without the dig...even though it still makes me smile simple_smile


ahaha I think untangled is much better!


@tony.kay: My 5 cents: 1. First working todo app in which I could run in less than a minute. Cool simple_smile 2. Videos look very inspiring. I tried your tutorial and it's ok but videos are just awesome: simple and concise. I think if you continue to make videos many people will try I think docs is just not enough. Thanks a lot!


Hey, thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to cover the bases. Different people just have different styles.


and very glad to hear todo worked out of the box simple_smile


I understand that it's much more difficult to make a video, but I think it can be a competitive advantage for untangled simple_smile when you have both: docs and videos.


if you want to be competitive in some sense simple_smile


I've just pushed an update to the tutorial that adds exercises and solutions for mutations, including an exercise that helps you understand rendering updates on mutations.