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boot aot target gives me compiled code in the target dir for just my project files. Super.. When I add jar to the chain , I get a jar without the compiled code. How can I create a jar with only my project code in compiled form?


boot-expectations 1.0.7 released. Has the pod tweaks from @onetom so it’s a bit faster when watching and repeated running tests.


Quick question: is the default behaviour of Boot to always print out the BOOT_EMIT_TARGET deprecation message, regardless of whether or not the target task is used?


@weavejester: I think the goal is to patch that, so at the moment the answer is yes that I know of


Thanks. At first I thought that I was using target wrong, but when I looked at the source code it seemed to suggest that the deprecation message would always occur unless the BOOT_EMIT_TARGET property was set to “no”. I wanted to confirm that I was right, since it seemed a little odd simple_smile


Yeah it is I guess 😄


hey all, could use some help prepping for 2.6. I added all the PRs that looked ready/close to ready to the 2.6.0 milestone:


most of them merge clean against master, but they need to merge clean against 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT branch


anyway if you have an open PR in that milestone, please give it a fresh look and see if it merges and if it still makes sense to do. ty in advance boot-clj parrot