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Hi, I am trying to make this simple lifecycle call but nothing happens. Any ideas about what I am doing wrong?


@mikethompson: you wouldn’t use with-meta - is there a technical reason or is it purely taste ?


For me, it is taste - i like how the resulting code looks. I generally have functions called foo-render, foo-did-mount, etc. and then bundled together in foo using a form-3 with create-class.


ah I am just trying to roll out a small internal site simple_smile


For me, it is more than taste. Using the with-meta approach I can't have all my lifecycle function close over the same local state which is necessary in a large number of cases. So, for me, there are both aesthetic and operational reasons for using From3. The with-meta approach really doesn't cut it.


@shriphani: be aware that the 3rd link I supplied was specifically about codemirror (which I assume it the real purpose here). The other two were just laying the right foundation.


guys where can I read more about switching from identical? to equal? in reagent's new version (or old, I have not followed along so closely) ?


ops, never mind, there is a link in there 😄