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wtf! taking 2 hours to work on my cljs repl only to discover I can’t even reproduce the example in the README. I guess I’ve been victim of an Augean repl...


@plexus how did the talk go?


@cgrand it's tomorrow 🙂 but I'm still knee deep into finishing a new Lambda Island episode so really not sure yet what I'll do tomorrow, as I'll have basically no time to prepare. I might just show people my emacs client code and walk them through a bit


but "work on my cljs repl" => I like the sound of that 🎵


my inner calendar might be a bit fuzzy these days


plexus: is it tomorrow yet?


good news: the upgrade still works but only when everything is on one-line. So maybe it used to work for real with previous lumo/nodejs. Bug on my side anyway.


that's pretty exciting though! I'll have to make some more OSS time the coming weeks. With the new Chestnut out of the way I only have two PRs to Toucan to wrap up and then I can get back to unrepl 🙂