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I have a (s/cat ...) spec form that I am using for parsing a seq with s/conform. I want to make this extensible through a multi-spec. Is there a regex op that can help me here? Perhaps using the dispatch key on the multi-spec to tag conformed values?


is it ok to actually rely on order of s/or sub-specs?


@stuartsierra I would love to see the clojure.spec definitions used in your recent article : We are going through a very similar process now. Your clojure spec and tools, web app to visually explore the models, et. al. are things I wish I had right now. The business analysts are trying to use Avro specifications to describe the domain model, and are immediately hitting limitations of what can be expressed. I am developing a clojure DSL similar to the one in your article to describe our domain, which I can propose as an alternative. Getting my hands on anything you can share would give me a great jumpstart.


@don.dwoske I'm sorry, I do not have permission to share any of that work beyond the examples in the article.


@stuartsierra Sorry to hear that. I enjoyed the article nonetheless, it gave me some good ideas.


thanks, glad it helped