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Has anyone tried bayadera on Windows? On lein test I'm getting a memory_management blue screen of death. Trying to figure out if it's a problem with my hardware or something else.


Pretty sure OpenCL itself is working on the GPU because I was able to run the SVMBinaryTreeSearch code sample from AMD for a million iteration, and the GPU was at the highest clock speed ~1328 for a sustained period with no issues. Which makes me think maybe it's not a GPU power issue.


@jholkeboer ClojureCL and Neanderthal tests pass in Windows for me with an OpenCL 2.0 capable AMD 265M (i think that's the name of the card). So, the first step is to try these projects, since they are simpler that (and used by) Bayadera. On the same card, I can not run all Bayadera tests, due to unsufficient memory (1GB vs 4GB on the Linux desktop card that I do the development on). Your GPU should be sufficiently capable, but I do not know how well its drivers support OpenCL 2.0 (AMD started switching to the new driver architecture for these new cards). The fact that ClojureCL tests are falling is a strong indicator that something basic with OpenCL is not right on your machine. On Linux, running clinfo program from terminal gives you detailed information about your OpenCL installation. Could you please run clinfo (or Windows equivalent) and post the output here, so I might be able to narrow down the problem?


@jholkeboer BTW those tests should be run with lein midje (I am not sure whether lein test runner does absolutely the same thing or something a bit different).


one thing I noticed is that if I am not running Powershell as administrator, lein repl does not crash. I had thought running as admin might help EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION but it looks like it's unrelated


i dont have erlang installed


This is the erlang distribution, not erlang, the programming language 🙂


And those tests actually get the sample from the distribution and are not deterministic, so they sometimes fail.


So, the stuff works for you 🙂


Enjoy using it. I am going to release new versions of the old libraries and release Bayadera 0.1.0 soon.


thanks for your help!


you're welcome 🙂


is JVM large page memory neccesary?


`Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: JVM cannot use large page memory because it does not have enough privilege to lock pages in memory.`