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so I'm cleaning up all of my .emacs.d/init.el -- and one thing I'k not happy with is my usef of etags to pull out all defs in src/... -- is there a better solution, i.e. somehow combining imenu and projectile ?


this is 100% first world problem: I have 3 monitors. when I pop up a new emacs frame, is there anyway to ocntrol which monitor the frame pops up on?


right now, emacs auto indent wants to do:

(let [...]
  ;; ...
(note the two spaces) now, I want emacs auto indent to do:
(let [...}
;; ...
(note how it's flush with the start of the line) any idea what option this is?


@qqq you can check out this custom config from weavejester he customizes the indentation heavily, not sure about the comments.


@hlolli : didn't find what I want there -- but there are some gold nuggets there -- it's always fasicnating reading people's key bindings and guessing how they program


it's like "under what circumstances does this become such a frequent op that we want such a short binding for it" ?


How switch point from beginning to end of sexp (out of the parent) in paredit?


Yeah I think a small function would do 😀


it's <C-M f> on default I think, but my fingers are too stiff for such a flexible command.


Some people have it on C-M-right, I was reading.. 😀 inf-clojure now positions the cursor at the beginning, but C-c C-n evaluates the last sexp


There is an issue for that, it would probably make sense to position point at the end of the first top level form


i've looked into the indentation of ; before, how it goes to the end of the line. this seems to be hard coded into emacs and there's no getting around it as far as i can tell


my guess would be that ;; is similar


Can I use clj-refactor to rename a namespace alias?


(rename-symbol isn’t it, apparently.)