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git deps with submodules still aren't supported right?


I might have to change my project setup because of this, maybe I'll just have to copy some source around... or put multiple projects into one git repo.. thinking-face


I could just work around this by making a mvn build which includes the submodules


which also comes with caveats

Adam Helins14:11:02

About multiple CLJC projects in one repo, you might be interested by this: It contains a Babashka-friendly tool called Maestro for managing a CLJ monorepo from a single root deps.edn. I did announce an experimental version of this way back but this is the new, stable iteration. So far it has served my purposes very well: being able to maintain any number of "modules" easily combined + being able to expose any as Git libraries.


That's cool, I've seen it before, but I think I want to keep those projects each in their own repos, which imo works better for managing OSS projects


I'll just write some bb scripts to update the git sha based on my local checkout more often


and I'll start (ab)using the feature that src directories can be missing for developing locally :)