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Is there any way to automatically reload the squint generated ES6 modules in the browser, preferably without a full page reload? I always had the gut feeling, that ES modules are not reload-friendly. After reading this article about ES6 module loading and instantiation, I getting more convinced, it is the case: I secretly hoping there is some not-too-hacky way to have a figwheel-level experience... I saw ppl experimented with adding some modification time as query string, to reload a module, but they would still need to patch the original/previous one...


I was using modd+devd combo in the past, but devd is not compiling on recent nixpkgs version, so I'm in search for an alternative 1. 2. I guess, we should just have a babashka solution. I think there is already a partial implementation throughout @borkdude tweets :)


@onetom Frameworks like next.js / vite etc have this problem solved, but not sure how to do it without those frameworks.