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Matthew Twomey00:11:59

Hi all - I’m having trouble getting this script to run in babashka, when in a future:

#!/usr/bin/env bb

(ns test2)

(require '[com.grzm.awyeah.client.api :as aws]
         '[com.grzm.awyeah.credentials :as credentials])

(defn get-tasks
  [& {:keys [profile], :or {profile "default"}}]
  (aws/invoke (aws/client
                {:api 'dms,
                 :credentials-provider (credentials/profile-credentials-provider "default")})
              {:op :DescribeReplicationTasks}))

(defn main []
  (print @(future (get-tasks :profile "default"))))
  ;; (print (get-tasks :profile "default")))

This runs fine outside a future and it also runs fine in a future - in Clojure without babashka. I’m not sure if there is another step I need to take here, or how to interpret the error. The response I get is:
----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:     java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException
Message:  java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't set!: clojure.core/*warn-on-reflection* from non-binding thread
Location: /private/tmp/t/src/./

----- Context ------------------------------------------------------------------
12:                  :credentials-provider (credentials/profile-credentials-provider "default")})
13:               {:op :DescribeReplicationTasks}))
15: (defn main []
16:   (print @(future (get-tasks :profile "default"))))
             ^--- java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't set!: clojure.core/*warn-on-reflection* from non-binding thread
17:   ;; (print (get-tasks :profile "default")))
19: (main)

Matthew Twomey00:11:20

Lastly, and strangest of all (to me): If I simply add an additional declaration into the file, it runs in a future, in babashka just fine:

(def not-used (aws/client
                {:api 'dms,
                 :credentials-provider (credentials/profile-credentials-provider "default")}))


@U0250GGJGAE Aha! I might have an idea


This is a repro:

bb -e '@(future (set! *warn-on-reflection* true))'


With Clojure you get the same thing:

$ clj -M -e '@(future (set! *warn-on-reflection* true))'
Execution error (IllegalStateException) at user/eval1$fn (REPL:1).
Can't set!: *warn-on-reflection* from non-binding thread


My suspicion is that there is a dynamic require which is then happening inside the future


but if you do the dynamic require outside the future once, you won't have the problem inside the future anymore since the namespace is already loaded


I narrowed it down a bit:

$ clojure -M -e "(prn @(future (load-string \"(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)\"))) (shutdown-agents)"
This works in Clojure But this doesn't:
$ clojure -M -e "(prn @(future (set! *warn-on-reflection* true))) (shutdown-agents)"
Now I need to find out why load-string does accept this while literally executing the expression doesn't


it's because of this:


You can work around this with:

(require '[com.grzm.awyeah.client.api :as aws]
         '[com.grzm.awyeah.credentials :as credentials]

Matthew Twomey16:11:05

Interesting - thanks so much @U04V15CAJ. Yes, just adding protocols.json seems to fix it for me. I really appreciate you taking a look sir!


Another workaround:

(defn get-tasks
  [& {:keys [profile], :or {profile "default"}}]
  (aws/invoke (aws/client
               {:api 'dms,
                :credentials-provider (credentials/profile-credentials-provider "default")})
              {:op :DescribeReplicationTasks}))

(defn main []
  (print @(future
            (binding [*warn-on-reflection* *warn-on-reflection*]
              (get-tasks :profile "default")))))


So establish the root binding of the dynamic var inside of the future first

Matthew Twomey16:11:03

Nice - I have not yet dealt with the binding function (relatively new to Clojure). Any pros & cons between the two workarounds, or really just pick one?


just pick one

Matthew Twomey16:11:25

👍 thanks again


why are you using a future to call this function?

Matthew Twomey16:11:33

The example I gave was a distilled down version of a monitoring utility that calls a whole bunch of remote APIs and endpoints. So they run in parallel then report results.

Matthew Twomey16:11:18

(I tore everything out to try to narrow down the problem)


makes sense

Matthew Twomey16:11:27

I’m really loving Clojure - we also use nodejs a lot where I work. So it’s been a fun challenge to decide which patterns make sense to carry into Clojure and which should be rethought. For example, I really like the “pretty much never blocking” nature of nodejs. So I’m tending to develop for Clojure in a similar sense when it comes to API calls. I’m still figuring out what does and doesn’t work well. I like that with futures + immutability I can develop something non-blocking and multi-threaded in Clojure - without too much hassle. That’s pretty awesome.


@U0250GGJGAE Cool. There is also #C029PTWD3HR for scripting on Node.js

Matthew Twomey16:11:57

Oh cool - I hadn’t run across that!


If you run npx nbb you're dropped into an nbb (Clojure, SCI) REPL


I'm just mentioning this because you mentioned you're familiar with Node.js

Matthew Twomey16:11:10

We’re running our own APIs in node, I haven’t yet had a moment to think on consider cljs - but it is definitely on my list to explore!

Matthew Twomey16:11:39

We have a lot of SPAs that could possibly take advantage.