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Hi, I’m not sure if this question belongs here, but tools-build is my best guess right now. I’m setting up clojure automated deployments using github actions, all working fine. One problem though: when I get an exception in the build, the output is saved in an EDN file on the filesystem (I get messages like Full report at: /var/folders/bh/094hxw3x4bx4msfv9n9jz6580000gn/T/clojure-10505501116317827051.edn at the end of the failed build). The problem I have is that this file is not available to me when the build is run via github actions - I have no easy way to view it. Is there a way to configure the clojure deps build process to print this info to stdout/stderr? Thanks in advance.


You can do clj ... to print the exception into stderr instead of a file.


Or clj --report stderr, but I always have trouble remembering where --report needs to go if I'm passing other command-line options, too.


Just what I needed, thanks a lot!


I wish this were the default when CI=true :)


Ya, CI or deploying to Kubernetes, that sort of stuff. Anyhow glad there’s an easy solution.

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