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Hi 👋 . Just wondering if there is a reason that :namespace-definitions doesn’t include the :end-row and :end-col keys, or whether they are something that could be added?


@U06790Y4E does you mean, the end of the ns form?


or what should end-row and end-col be?


Yes, given :row and :col correspond to the start of the ns form (I think), it would be good to have end-row and end-col correspond to the end of the ns form. Like how var-definitions works.


I think that makes sense. Issue + optional PR welcome

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May I ask how you are using this?


Sure. I am using the analysis data to find things and extract the text from the source strings. I need the start and end for this.


Yep, makes sense


couple of things I always struggled a bit with clj-kondo config (also because I haven't done it so much) • I never know how to exclude something properly, for example for unresolved-symbol it takes a list while for unused-referred-var requires a map. And also not all the linters can have an exclude right? • silly mistakes in the config just fail silently, for example I had :unused-import as top level key instead of under linters and you don't get any warnings. I think in theory is possible to do a schema check of the whole config right to see that the structure/types are correct? Anyone has thoughts about these two points?


@andrea.crotti All linter docs are in There could be some improvements to linting clj-kondo's own config. There's also ready something in place for that.


yeah I know I use the docs, so every possible configuration would be mentioned there then?


wherever exclude is not mentioned it just means is not supported for that linter right?


> so every possible configuration would be mentioned there then? yes and yes