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I have problems with which key, I get the following message when I press SPC SPC in spacemacs. Anyone have ideas to how I can find out whats wrong?


I assume you have tried restarting Emacs, especially if new packages have been installed

practicalli-john10:03:18 guide as advice on trying to fix issues with Spacemacs I haven't experienced this problem myself, although I haven't updated packages for a few weeks

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Thanks 😃


If I have an evil-mode question, am I best to ask here, or in the more vi-focused areas like #doom-emacs or #spacemacs, please?


IMO this is a good channel

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n.b. I'm the maintainer of evil and I'm not even in #doom-emacs or #spacemacs 😬

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Well it's on my home computer, not my work machine (actually, the work machine is probably behaving the same. I should check). I’ll ask when I'm back on my personal computer again 🙂

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I know that's vague, but I was just after general guidelines


There’s a feature of ivy and swiper I’d like to duplicate in vertico/consult/embark. I use ‘C-s’ to start a search, then I have a binding for ivy-yank-word that lets me build my search string with only one keybinding. I have found kludgy ways of doing this in embark and consult, but it seems there should be a better way.


I'm intrigued, but I don't get what you're saying. Can you elaborate?


Does vertico, consult, embark provide a keymap you can use?


@U061KMSM7 are you talking about converting i-search to swiper search on the fly?


Yes, I think that’s what it is… let my check my config…


yes, swiper, and also swiper-thing-at-point. But I start with swiper rather than i-search with C-s, and then yank in the next word (subword mode in Clojure means :foo-bar-baz is 3 words, of course) and progressively show the matches with each press.


@U0390SFMN93 I can do it with about 5 keystrokes, but I can’t find an equivalent for ‘ivy-yank-word’


check vertico-map see if anything binds to yank


I thought you're talking about starting with i-search, then turning it into swiper (in your case consult-line), where it pre-populates the initial string with what you've already typed.


Examples of that kind of integration can be found in scroll down to ";; Isearch integration" line


Can you give an example where you would need this workflow? Since you mentioned embark, if the point is over :foo-bar-baz, you can use embark-act and n/p for moving thru matches


@U0G75ARHC @U976F1AR2 Thanks for the suggestions… I’ll check them out and report back


@U015KH5ENEM That’s exactly what I was talking about. So there really is no analogue for the isearch/ivy feature. Thanks!


Not exactly, but I would think that the code here would work more often than not (if consult-line + M-n M-n isn’t sufficient, or if starting with isearch and then using consult-line won’t do).