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Anyone here uses a screenshot driven approach to UI testing?

Drew Verlee18:10:14

In Rails i used to use caypbara and inspect the page by taking screenshots and saving the html for manual inspection. However, this breaks down when you introduce javascript as it wont save the any js not included directly in the HTML page. I would really like to see a workflow that allowed me to automate the state of UI and interact with it through a webdriver. Once you have used capybara for a while its fairly fast to script your browser interactions. That might have been a digression from what your talking about.


I’m taking a peek at which seems like a great tool for this


@dmarjenburgh Do you use it still?


I haven't looked at it for a long time.


Looks like it still works though


Do you know if people at Xebia still use it?


@dmarjenburgh anyway, it looks like it does what it’s supposed to do, so I think we’re going to use it