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Hey guys, I am a bit new to Clojure, and have been doing some stuff with tests. However I ran into the problem that if I comment a test in order to skip it, it nevertheless keeps running. I am using Emacs (also a noob at this) and Cider. Any ideas about what I am doing wrong?

jumar07:11:09 can you show the code? Also, how do you run your tests?


Simply commenting the deftest form and reevaluating doesn’t remove the test var from the namespace, so when you run all tests, it will still run. You may want to try commenting out the form inside the deftest so the test reevaluates with no implementation.

jakemcc16:11:15 You’ll lose REPL state, but another option is to use cider-refresh.


Cool, thanks guys! I´ll try both options