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And this doesn't affect exit code


Maybe optimize (and optimize-modules) should throw at the end if there were errors


Ahh hmm, didn't check the problem correctly, optimize is about errors during advanced build optimization step


@timgilbert I’m not sure this really something for us to address directly besides providing a hook for custom Closure error handlers


Hi, I have created an issue with proposal and a question for my first ClojureScipt patch, maybe someone with knowledge about how node.js specifics are implemented can give me feedback


@abp I left some feedback on the ticket, have you submitted your Clojure CA?


@dnolen Yes I've seen it, thanks. I submitted my CA quite a while ago with another e-mail address than the one in the commit I think (a private one).


I think a hook would work fine for me (presumably lein-cljsbuild would then hook into that). What I'm trying to avoid is stuff getting auto-deployed from our CI system if a build doesn't compile, currently we can see the message in the CI logs, but cljsbuild still returns 0 so it's hard to detect the failure. I guess the idea would be that calling code could register a function to be called in (report-failure)?