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@agile_geek: have you used test.check at all?


@paulspencerwilliams Briefly on toy code. I struggle to understand how to check on anything except put algorithmic problems. For example, how would u use property based testing for a RESTful API or a web page?


@agile_geek: yeah, the further the SUT gets from being a simple function, the harder it is. At least that’s my perception.


Mine too but I suspect I could use property based testing more.


As you might have read ^^ I’m converting some example based tests to generative style for a simple kata I played with a couple of weeks ago. This morning has been lots of headbanging, but I think I’m making progress. It’s hard letting go of examples though.


@paulspencerwilliams: can you share when you've finished..I might learn something.


@agile_geek: Yes! I promised @nberger last week. I intend to write a blog with before / after commits, and maybe some deliberately broken SUT to see how easily the tests would pick it up.


@agile_geek: oh, my first passing test!


@agile_geek you might find this talk interesting or inspirational:


for a restful api, you might e.g. use test.check to generate a sequence of calls, then assert that the state of the system is correct afterwards. You might assert that the only resources that exist were those that were created and never deleted, and that their contents are those of the last update or create.