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@mateusz-fiolka: You can use figwheel for node development. Though have also used a combination of cljs watch and file watcher to restart the node process in the past.


I’ve just created place selection input based on Google Places API using re-frame (which is based on Reagent) and wonder if it would make any sense to extract it as a library for others to use. It’s quiet a simple thing, yet takes up to a few hours to implement. The only concern I have is that being built with re-frame it is quite specific, in comparison to ‘plain’ Reagent or Om.


What do you think?


@pshk4r: Sounds very useful to me. Would be nice if it was generalized enough to be used in Reagent and Om as well. Or appropriate variations for those frameworks.


What am I missing ? I'm using assert defensively, but sometimes the messages do not appear on developer's console. This specific case was one. Should I surround each potential clause with a try catch ?


hi all, i’m working with a js library that uses promises. i’m trying to understand how i’d interact with those promises inside of clojurescript.


The function Parse.User.signUp returns a promise.


So could I just do something like:

(usr (js/Parse.User))
(.signUp usr)
inside a function and would that then return the promise that signUp normally returns, so that elsewhere I could do:
(def usr-promise (signup-user))
(.then usr-promise …)


okay should have just tested that, but the answer seems to be yes!