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@malcolmsparks: I've been having some fun playing with Yada and boot (after seeing both for the first time during your two day Clojure training we took with you.


I wanted to try using boot on its own and had to modify boot-http a little to use aleph. It seems to be working fine. With Aleph being in alpha I'm sure boot-http won't include it just yet but if you fancy a go my fork seems to work (although will need to be installed locally)


@n3llyb0y: Another approach would be to embed the aleph server into your application. Might save you using a fork. I might have a play with the idea today/tomorrow.


I htink boot-http is mostly aimed at static really, even though you can access the underlying server a little.


@dominicm: I see. That makes sense.


@n3llyb0y: Just different approaches. Hijacking boot-http is a little bit like using... ring-serve for leiningen I guess.