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as a ‘tech’ person, I found it very difficult to communicate with people outside of the industry.


i’ve been travelling and mostly living in a tent for the past 3 months… it’s starting to occur to me that I had been forced, as a programmer to disconnect myself from people


so it’s nice to watch something that’s just about people telling us the smallest aspects of their lives..


and I think it’s easy to rationalise everything we do as a series of logical choices


but the most powerful motivators in life has always been emotional


this guy goes into alot more detail about why we stop learning -


so reconnecting with the emotional side of myself is something that i’m working on


i really hope this doesn’t become a monologue...


but to be absolutely honest… i’m sick of letting the way that i earn a living define who i am, what my beliefs are and how I should behave


and it’s only through rewiring my internal belief system that I can change those perceptions that have placed these limitations


emotions are the scariest part of who we are


but it’s something that we all have to face


In any conversation - whether it be two people, three people… or in a group , there will be an element of self-censorship. This is useful to a certain extent because we make sure that we don’t reveal too much about ourselves - because what we write can be used against us if we are not careful


in traditional societies… for example… in China, being the silent type was seen to be a sign of strength


but I think in today’s world… where there is just so much chatter floating around in social media… staying silent then becomes a sign of weakness


and this is something that I’ve realised to be the new normal


so I choose to fight that inner censor… because it serves no purpose


and I really hope that more technologists do so because if we don’t… then the world is really going to be run by arrogant, load-mouthed bankers


In person, I'm very liberal with what I say, I openly reveal things about myself. Online, I barely speak beyond answering questions. Particularly through places like Twitter. I'll admit I'm scared to speak online, because it can be indexed, it can be leveraged, and if my opinion isn't "right" I'll become part of a witch hunt. What kind of strength do you think you could gain by speaking more @zcaudate and in what kind of capacity?


on emotions, one of the truest pieces of advice i've found on parenting is, that you're there to teach your kids how to deal with their big emotions. emotions are very powerful, and can totally rule you, even while you think you're in control. you're wise to turn towards them and work with them as they are!


@robert-stuttaford: As barely an adult, I am slowly learning this.


the mind is fascinating


@dominicm: what is popular doesn’t necessarily equal what is right. In a lot cases, it’s the opposite.


twitter isn’t the best place for amazingly deep conversations…as it’s the digital equivalent of shouting across the room at each other during a party.


what I see though are people on there behaving like spoilt kids


… not all the time… but often enough


I don’t see anything wrong with calling them out… well… people may say that i'm stooping to that level


… and that’s true.


getting into arguments usually become a complete waste of time and just bad for the state of mind.


however, if there was something that I felt strongly enough about… and no one was speaking out… then i would find a way to express myself.


and more often than not, I have found that I was speaking on behalf of the people that are silent.


sometimes, it’s a month or two afterwards that I get confirmation that I wasn’t the only one having that same emotion


… and that to me is more valuable than standing with the ‘in’ crowd


because popularity is fickle


but ethics, morality and being a good person


… these are more or less universal and we are lucky to live in this world because there is ample opportunity for practice 😃