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Hmm, so I guess Funcunit is like a better selection and assertion library for Selenium?


can be used with other things besides Selenium, but I guess if you want to automate the tests, you'll have to use Selenium


or do you?


I’d say that FuncUnit is running in the browser while Selenium is running the browser. So Selenium has more features (for instance it can interact with file dialogs), but it’s also much slower. FuncUnit on the other hand is just triggering events on elements, so it’s much faster. Important thing is that FuncUnit is triggering correct events in correct order, so if you click on something it will trigger all events - mouseover, focus, mousedown, mouseup, blur… or whatever the correct ordering is. FuncUnit is using the syn lib ( under the hood to actually trigger the events which I’m also wrapping in the syntest lib. The nice thing is that Clojure is giving much better API via channels than you could ever get with JavaScript


Alright, I think I get what you mean


I'm kind of hesitant about that kind of testing however, we used Selenium for a while and I don't really have many good things to say about it


I mean, some problems were because of Selenium itself - tests would fail on their own, they were quite slow, etc


but I'd say the biggest problem was just the nature of those tests - they took a long time to write, and very rarely they would a real problem


most of the time the errors they found was because an elements id/class changed, or we changed how a date picker or something like that works