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I'm thinking about trying to upgrade CIDER. However, the last time I did this I had major problems and couldn't get any code written for a while. I can't really afford to have that happen this time. Is there any way to easily guarantee that I can revert? Would it work to just make a copy of my .spacemacs and .emacs directories and replace them if things get messed up? Is there anything else I need to consider?


Yeah, I think it’s basically backing up the .emacs.d dir


No need to backup, Spacemacs does that for you. There is a Rollback packages button on the home buffer, next to the update packages.


If you can't afford any down time, I don't understand why you would spend time upgrading.


I've never had any issues with new cider versions in the last 3 years


Thanks! I'll back those up just in case and try the spacemacs backup first if anything goes wrong. I'd like to upgrade because the version I'm on doesn't seem to work with shadow-cljs (at least I couldn't figure it out). I want that because I'm trying to spike out something using fulcro and the demo app uses shadow, so it would be really nice to have the cljs repl working with that. Also, I hope I didn't come off as griping about cider, spacemacs, or emacs. I actually love all of them--this is the best development environment I've ever had! Thanks again for the help!


There have been many questions in the cider channel about getting it shadow-cljs working. Shadow-cljs does need a particular setup when using Cider jack-in. It is covered in the detailed shadow-cljs guide, but there is a lot in there Personally I find it easier to start the REPL in a terminal and use cider connect instead.


Yeah, I tried that but wasn't able to figure that out. 😕 Honestly, that seems like a better path to me anyway if I could get it to work. I just did the update. After crashing once and having nothing at all work, I manually did a git pull in .emacs.d and things seemed to work the second time. I'm not really sure if all my clojure stuff works yet. I'll have to spend more time on it tonight. I expected it to upgrade to cider 1.0, but it seems to have put me on 1.1.0snapshot. 🤷


Spacemacs develop always uses the latest package of cider, which includes the snapshots in between major releases. Those snapshots have not cause me a problem in the past. it is possible to add a bit of configuration to spacemacs to use a specific version of a package if required. Example in this blog post


Well, I updated the packages and some stuff broke. Then I saw the recommendation to use develop here and switched to that (I've been itching to try the lsp layer for something like a year now). After a lengthy .spacemacs/init.el update, everything was horribly, horribly broken. Then I realized I was on emacs 25 and 27 is recommended. I upgraded that and things actually seem to be working! Yay! Thanks again for your help you two. @U05254DQM, these guides are spectacular!