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Hi all, we at JUXT are hiring, please check out our careers page Remote/UK based. Apply at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>.

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"Requirements: You want to use either Emacs or Vim" :thinking_face:

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Great opportunity to join a friendly and supportive remote only/UK based engineering team, working mainly in Clojure to build the HealthUnlocked platform. The site is a patient-centered social network, that helps to connect to millions of people to others with the same health challenges for support and advice. Happy to chat informally if you're a senior developer interested to find out more.

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is HealthVibe and HealthUnlocked the same thing?


In a sense! HealthUnlocked was acquired by HealthiVibe's parent company, Corrona, LLC, last year. The staff at HealthUnlocked became HealthiVibe employees and now HealthUnlocked exists as the social network under HealthiVibe, instead of a separate company.